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New Dog Obedience Training Session starts Sunday, April 13th at 9:00am.

*SilverLakes Zumba classes on Thursdays at 6:00pm. 

First ever SilverLakes Family Movie Night on Friday, May 30th!

More information is available on the EVENTS page.

 April's contest is posted on the CONTESTS page! Check out previous contests and winners!




FPI Security

Local SilverLakes FPI Numbers:  
Pembroke Pines:   954 205-1873
Miramar: 954 205-1872


FPI: 305-827-4300    

Toll Free:                                     FPI: 1-800-374-4316


Please visit the "Pets Corner" section of the website if you have lost or found a pet in the SilverLakes Community.


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Welcome to SilverLakes. Our beautiful community was established in 1990 and is

 located in Southwest Broward County, Florida. We are dedicated to preserving

 the natural resources and abundant wildlife here in our hometown and to ensure

 a future where our families appreciate the benefits of open space, lush parks,

 vibrant wetlands and lovely tree-lined streets. 

SilverLakes Board of Directors


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SilverLakes is looking for resident volunteers for several committees:

The Modifications Committee, Fining Committee, Parking Committee, Security Committee and the newly created Insurance Committee.                    (experience in the insurance field preferred)
If interested, please contact Pines Property Management at:
(954) 438-6570

Click here for an application

Next Meeting of the Board of Directors of SilverLakes

May 12, 2014 at 7pm at West Broward Hall  

 (The agenda will be posted a few days beforehand)


                     THANK YOU CORNER


Thank your SilverLakes residents for your generous donations to the SilverLakes Toy Drive at the SilverLakes December 7th Event! The toys were delivered to the Joe Dimaggio Children's Hospital today. And thank you to resident, De' of Las Brisas, for suggesting the toy drive this year!



Please click below to read the thank you letter from the  Adopt-a-Bike Foundation. SilverLakes provided a rest stop for the fundraiser on Sunday, November 3, 2013.

                               Click here to read the thank you letter


Thank you SilverLakes residents for your donations during the Community Wide Garage Sale held on Feb 9th and 10th, 2013! Because of your generosity, The Salvation Army presented SilverLakes with a plaque on April 9th at a Chamber of Commerce event, with Mayor Ortiz and Mayor Moseley, in attendance. SilverLakes was recognized as the largest donor for Broward County. We can all take pride in this honor as it reflects the generosity of spirit of the SilverLakes community!    

                                  Click here to see Honorary Plaque