Resident Reminders

Ensure your yard is ready to handle those heavy rains!

- Grass grows quickly with large amounts of rain, keep grass fresh by cutting at least every other week!

- Get a head start on your weeds! Pulling weeds while the temperature outside is cooler will make the chore a little more bearable.

- Check windows and doors. Windows with cracked caulking need to be re caulked and doors should have new weather stripping every five years. This will prevent possible leaks when the rain starts to really pick up!

- Clear drains and gutters of those dead fall leaves. A clear drainage system will prevent water from pooling on your roof which could cause leaks or cave-ins!

- Planning an outdoor home improvement project? Fence in need of a new coat? Now is the time to do it! It's cool, it's (mostly) dry and you want to make sure you get it done before the dog days of summer set in! Just be sure to get approval from your Property Manager!



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Resident Reminders

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Attention SilverLakes Residents:
Both the City of Pembroke Pines and the City of Miramar are advising residents not to leave outgoing mail in your mailbox with the flag up. Whenever possible, give your outgoing mail directly to your mail carrier or go directly inside the post office to mail any correspondence. Do not use blue boxes outside the post office either.


Please visit the HOME page for important information concerning Living with Alligators & Snakes in South Florida


Do not feed the ducks. It attracts alligators.


Community Pool Information

Please de advised, private parties cannot be held at the pool/pool deck at the Community Pool on 178th Ave in Pembroke Pines. FPI Security will enforce this.

The Pavilion at the Community Park can be reserved for private parties. Instructions on how to do this can be found on the EVENTS page.

Thank you for your cooperation.

SilverLakes Parking Information

       Download the parking regulation for SilverLakes and Commercial vehicle requirement

  • Overnight parking of personal and/or commercial vehicles at the SilverLakes Professional Campus is prohibited. Violators will have their vehicles towed at their expense. Thank you for your attention.

Boater's Parks

Please do not feed the ducks at the gazebos or boater's parks. Duck droppings can be very dangerous, especially to children.



Car Break-Ins

While we all do everything we can to prevent our cars from being broken into, it seems some thieves are not deterred by a locked door or a car alarm.

According to a recent article, thieves have found a new, even more subtle way to make you victim. The worst part? You may not know you have been a victim until days later!

By punching a hole into your passenger's side door (the hole looks much like that of a bullet hole), the thieves are able to unlock your car as though they have a key. No broken glass, no alarm, hardly any suspicious activity.

Most times the thieves will only take an item or a single credit card. Their objective is to not alert you. If your whole purse is missing, you will cancel all credit cards. If they only take one card, they have at least a day or two to use it before you realize its absence. Many times, they will also record what "home" is in your GPS. Since they know what car you drive, they will wait until you are not home and break in your house.

Curbing Your Dog

Residents, while we realize that fluffy may be partial to your neighbor's lush green grass, please be considerate and pick up after your dog.